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Should be an interesting episode ! I’m excited to see it. It airs November 13th 2012!!

Addison: We're still fighting.
Jake: I'm not opposed to angry sex.

"We are badass. We are a badass family unit. You, me, the triplets and Charlotte. Nothing’s going to change that.- Cooper"

- Private Practice

"You can’t change what you’ve done, but you can change who you are and improve your life. - Charlotte"

- Private Practice


"My son has reached acceptance. He knows his daddy’s never coming back, and it breaks my heart.- Violet"

- Private Practice


"Drugs are bad. They make my tongue feel like cheese. - Cooper"

- Private Practice

"It’s not fun, it’s disgusting. I’m having a litter like some kind of animal. These bloodsucking ticks growing inside of me are taking over my body so I’m just a host now. That’s only the beginning. These are the salad days until I start waddling around with a veritable wide-load sign across my gut which by the way is going to be crisscrossed with so many stretch marks that look like the top of the map of Yellowstone. Miracle pregnancy, my ass… my big fat ever-expanding ass. - Charlotte"

- Private Practice


"If you want to keep those hands, keep them off my uterus. - Charlotte"

- Private Practice